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Hiring the right outdoor lighting installation company for your property is crucial to getting your property’s outdoors adequately and properly illuminated at night. A professional and experienced outdoor lighting electrical company will help create a scenic and aesthetic outdoor area for your residential or commercial property.

Contact Wilson Electrical Services Inc. for the perfect outdoor lighting contractor that will provide increased visibility, and security, and enhance the overall appearance of the building. The right and well-placed outdoor lighting will undoubtedly add sophistication and elegance to your home or business. You cannot afford to get it wrong, so you should hire an outdoor lighting contractor with a proven track record of excellence in the industry.

Wilson Electrical Services Inc. has the reputation for a first-rate outdoor lighting installation company that has helped several homes and businesses put their properties outdoors in the right perspective. Since 2019 in the industry, we have exceeded our customers’ expectations, which is the reason we have hundreds of 5-star reviews.

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Pot Lights & Recessed Lighting Installation

We provide excellent outdoor pot lights and recessed lighting installation to homeowners and businesses to increase security and safety, enhance outdoor aesthetics, and add value to the property. Wilson Electrical Services Inc. will transform your property’s exterior and provide you with unmatched outdoor lighting fixtures.

Since 2019, we have provided homes and businesses with best-in-class pot light and recessed lighting installations that help strengthen the exterior aesthetics of their properties, provide monetary savings, and enhance safety. Wilson Electrical Services Inc., the best outdoor lighting contractor, can add class to your property by installing recessed and pot lights in your residential or commercial property.


Outdoor Patio Lighting Installation

Contact Wilson Electrical Services Inc. for outdoor patio lighting installation to add charm and warmth to your property. We will help you create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere on your outdoor patio with the best-in-class outdoor lighting fixtures installation. Add a touch of elegance and class to your patio by hiring us.

Whether you need soft lights, a romantic set-up, or festive lighting, we will help you create the perfect ambiance you need for your outdoor patio. We have vast experience installing the right outdoor lighting for patios, using the right combination of accent lights, hanging lights, and recessed lights. 

We are the best outdoor lighting contractor to provide you with a luxury experience regarding your outdoor patio lighting installation. We assure you of an outdoor patio lighting installation that makes heads turn.

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Outdoor Walkway Lighting Installation

Choose our outdoor walkway lighting installation to make your paths and sidewalks easy to see and safe at night. Wilson Electrical Services Inc. is a professional outdoor lighting installation company with years of experience that provides top-of-the-line outdoor walkway lighting installation for residential and commercial properties. Our walkway lighting installation is energy-efficient, of the highest grade, and durable. We will thoughtfully install your walkway lighting to keep it lit all year.

Our outdoor walkway lighting installation includes ground-level lighting, natural landscape lights, patio stone lights, LED light-sensitive lighting, and motion-sensitive pathway lights. As experts, we will design and install the perfect walkway lighting that will suit your taste and meet your needs. Contact us today.


Security System Lighting Installation

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, installing security system lighting near doorways, on the roofline, over storage areas, along the perimeter of your property, and along pathways and driveways will keep unwanted guests away, reduce accidents, and improve aesthetics. Besides, you will be able to save on insurance.

Contact Wilson Electrical Services Inc. to customize your security system lighting according to your security needs and ensure their installation in crucial and helpful places. We install a wide variety of security lights, such as floodlights, landscape lighting, motion-sensing lights, and high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. We will optimize the security system lighting plan designed for your residence or commercial building.


Residential Outdoor Lighting Installation

Wilson Electrical Services Inc. can help you transform your home with high-quality outdoor lighting fixtures. As a leading residential outdoor lighting specialist, we provide the perfect outdoor lighting solutions that take your outdoor aesthetics and security to the next level. We install patio motion lights, energy-efficient lights, landscape lighting, LED outdoor lights, motion-activated lights, outdoor lamps, outdoor wall lights, post lights, and string lights. Our professional outdoor lighting contractor handles all aspects of customers’ residential outdoor lighting needs.


Commercial Outdoor Lighting Installation

Wilson Electrical Services Inc. offers commercial outdoor lighting installation services. We are proud of our excellent reputation for professionalism and excellence, which has earned us the loyalty of hundreds of customers. Our priority is to ensure that each customer is satisfied and happy by providing a worry- and maintenance-free commercial outdoor lighting solution. We pay attention to detail by customizing the solution to meet your lighting needs.


Always Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional outdoor lighting contractor is the best decision you can make to get the best outdoor lighting for your residential or commercial property. Wilson Electrical Services Inc. has the experience, a team of certified electricians, and professional tools to get the job done without any issues. 

When searching for an outdoor lighting installation company to hire for your outdoor lighting installation, we can help. Contact us now.

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