Tesla Home Charger Installations

We will guarantee that your Tesla home charger installation with Wilson Electric is performed properly. For years, Wilson Electric has helped Whitby homeowners install Tesla chargers. We are licensed and insured electrical contractors based in Whitby. To learn more about our electrical services, please contact us. Our electricians in Whitby provide quick service without compromising on high standards. If you need any electrical work done, we guarantee to do it right.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Canada

In spite of the fact that sales of electric vehicles have grown in recent years, many new EV owners have questions about how to charge their vehicles. According to the Toronto Star, Tesla sold nearly 1 million vehicles in Canada in 2021, and the Model 3 was the fifth-best-selling car in the country overall. Sales of electric vehicles have increased dramatically. Across the board, automakers saw a decline in sales, while Tesla saw a nearly 1 million vehicle sale in 2021. We get a lot of questions at Wilson Electric about how to charge our Teslas. As Tesla’s supercharger network continues to grow, we believe that all Tesla owners should install a Tesla home charger. Why is it important, and how much will it cost? We’ll answer those questions

Should I Install A Tesla Home Charger Station?

Of course there’s much more to it than that, but the short answer is ‘yes.’ After all, we know the Tesla wall charger+installation fees can be costly (we’ll get to fees in a moment). 

Tesla Electric Charger

Having a Level 2 home charger for your Tesla makes owning an electric car more convenient. Level 1 chargers can only add up to 17 kilometres of driving range per hour, depending on the Tesla model, and the number can be considerably lower in cold weather. 

While this amount of charge may be adequate for those who drive little daily, it will be too limiting for many. A Level 2 Tesla home charger can charge much faster, adding 48-70 kilometres of range per hour of charging.

How much does Tesla Home Charging Station Cost?

The Tesla Gen 3 wall connector’s initial price is roughly $700 CAD. However, there are two answers to the cost question. This figure doesn’t include the cost of installation. For those who want to install a Tesla home charger, they’ll also have to pay an installation cost, which might be higher or lower depending on the electrical panel’s capacities. Most homes currently have 200-amp service panels, which should make it easy to install a Tesla wall charger. An electrician will be required to upgrade the electrical service to at least 200 amps if the panel is still 100 amps. A demand charge controller or a more comprehensive panel upgrade is required for those with 200-amp service panels and suites.

Wilson Electric - EV Charger Installation Services

At Wilson Electric, we’ve been installing home EV chargers for years. Whether you have a Tesla charger or another model, we always try to remain up to date on the newest equipment that comes out. We’ve already installed Tesla’s most recent household charger, the Gen 3 Wall Connector, and we’re ready to assist you with the newest charging technology. We see the significance of encouraging electric car use, both for its incredible cost savings and for preserving the environment. When you buy a Tesla, you certainly don’t want to experience any issues with getting your house charger switched on. So contact Wilson Electric for all of your EV charging needs!

Wilson Electricians Service Guarantee

We at Wilson Electric are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers. We endeavour to respect you and your property when delivering electrician services in Whitby, Ontario. All of our employees are accompanied by a master or journeyman electrician, guaranteeing that the electrical work is performed by experienced electricians who are properly qualified and certified.

Wilson Electrical Code and Safety Guarantee

All work undertaken by our electricians is guaranteed to meet or exceed the electrical code. We acquire all necessary electrical permits in house and conduct all necessary electrical inspections. We guarantee that we comply with the Ontario Electrical Codes and Standards on every job we do.
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