Whole House Surge Protection

One of the best ways to prevent a fire accident or an electrical emergency in your home or commercial property is by investing in whole house surge protection. Putting the electricity voltage that gets to your home and appliances under control is the best way to protect your appliances from damage and the entire home from electrical issues. Prevent power surges from entering your building with power surge protection.

Contact Wilson Electrical Services Inc. to install whole house surge protection in your home. Since 2019 in the industry, we are most suitable to provide you with the best whole house surge protection.

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Why Investing in Surge Protection is important in the Durham Region

If you are in the Durham Region, investing in surge protection is a great decision. Here are some of the reasons you should consider whole surge protection for your residential or commercial property

Contact Wilson Electrical Services Inc. to protect your home, business, and appliances from high voltage today.

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Installing a surge protector makes you feel secure and safe, assured that power surges cannot enter your home or your appliances. What a way to have peace of mind in the Durham Region.
It makes your electronic devices last longer because excess voltage does not get to them to cause damage that can reduce their performance, efficiency, and longevity. Extend the life of your laptops, mobile phones, iPads, etc. by investing in whole house surge protection. Your appliances are safeguarded from electrical spikes.
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Investing in surge protection is a cost-effective solution to protect your gadgets from danger. The cost of installing power surge protection will be much lower than the cost of repairing or replacing high-end electronic devices or gadgets when they are damaged by an electrical surge.
Power surge protection reduces the costs of maintaining your appliances because they will be safeguarded from high voltage. You would not have to make service calls, reducing the cost of maintenance.

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How Surge Protection Can Save Your Money

Surge protection is very crucial if you want to protect your home from electrical spikes capable of damaging your electronics and other electrical appliances. Many households are usually affected by power surges, which cause property damage worth millions of dollars every year. An electrical surge is a sudden burst of excessive voltage, usually unwanted, on a circuit. An electrical surge may be caused by lightning strikes and thunderstorms.

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When there is a surge, any electrical device plugged into the socket can be damaged, resulting in a loss of efficiency or a complete failure to work again. The devices usually affected by power surges include televisions, air conditioners, motors and compressors in refrigerators, smartphones, laptops, computers, and other electrical appliances in the house.

Installing power surge protection in your home will prevent the electrical surge from getting to your appliances. All of your appliances will be damaged if you do not have surge protection in place, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement. However, your electrical devices will be protected from damage, and you will save money you could have spent on repairs and replacement.

Whole house surge protection is a cost-efficient investment that helps save money. Contact Wilson Electrical Services Inc. for the installation of whole house surge protection in your home or business.

Our Power Surge Protection Service Includes


Real-time voltage surge suppression


Available in both single and multiple power outlets


Easy to install and low maintenance


Automatic power shutdown when the device reaches the maximum capacity of protection


Light indicators to alert you to the status of the power supply and warn you when the voltage is out of control.

Always hire a Professional

Are you searching for an experienced and professional electrical contractor to install whole house surge protection in your home? Do not stress out; contact Wilson Electrical Services Inc. today. We are a reputable electrical company with years of experience in the industry. 

Our team comprises professional, certified, licensed, and experienced electrical engineers and technicians who are committed to your electrical devices’ protection. Call us today to install whole house surge protection.

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